Use Cases


This is the most common use case: the receiver of a shipment requires that a supplier place temperature monitors on a load. TempTRIP’s loggers are placed on the product (or even inside a carton) and follow the product through an entire trip; as it departs from the origin, travels through guard gates, cross-docks, and arrives at distribution centers.


This is where companies have control of a process from beginning to end and can retrieve loggers, reuse them, and keep their monitoring costs extremely low. TempTRIP provides a simple, economical way to continually monitor perishables on the move. Use-cases include home delivery, food service trucks, or any supplier with their truck fleets and can include interfaces to ELD systems and in real-time monitoring with cab-mounted tablet computers.

Facilities monitoring

TempTRIP’s Bluetooth loggers are perfect for monitoring a facility (warehouse, store, restaurant, cooler, etc.). Just a few readers, along with strategically-placed tags easily cover stored product in an entire facility. As a bonus, readers can also process temperature records from inbound and outbound deliveries to and from the facility. Targeted reporting and alerts help you manage the quality of your facility.