TempTRIP’s products have evolved over the years to provide a more “hands-off” experience for users. The latest temperature loggers are read wirelessly by Edge readers, tablets or phones. The results can be viewed from anywhere on TempTRIP’s data site.

Temperature Loggers

TempTRIP’s latest temperature loggers, or “tags”, use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.  BLE allows the reading of tags hundreds of feet away as well as through walls, trailers, containers, cartons and coolers.

The tags can be placed on the outside of a pallet (like traditional loggers) or inside a box or carton with the product. They can also be attached (permanently) to the inside of trailers, containers, or to warehouse or store shelves.

Read distance up to 100 meters

Read/Write and instantly reusable

Definable logging intervals from one minute to one day

Can hold over 12,000 temperatures between reads

Optional light detection

Multi-year battery life – alkaline or lithium options

Rugged, water-resistant enclosures

Button used to “mark” logistics events

Barcodes and QR codes used for data collection

LED indicator shows logger status

Available with or without mounting tabs

Continuous logging -- tag doesn’t need to be “started”​

Tablets and Edge Readers

TempTRIP’s Bluetooth loggers are read by “Edge” readers, tablets and phones. Edge readers are connected directly to the Internet via Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), or cell. These environmentally tough, low-maintenance readers are typically placed out of the way, high on facility walls (or in ceilings). 

Tablet readers give users a more portable way to read-in tags and view temperature results.  Like the Edge readers, they also have a PoE model that can be mounted in facilities. Cellular-equipped tablets are used in truck cabs to read the trailers’ tags and send the data to the Internet in real time. 

Tablets allow for portable tag-reading and viewing of results

Tablets can also be mounted in warehouses or truck cabs and read continuously

Edge readers typically mounted in warehouses or guard gates

Both send data directly to TempTRIP’s Internet site

Edge readers come with PoE or cell connectivity

One Edge reader typically covers 40,000 sq. ft.

TempTRIP Data Site

The data site is the heart of TempTRIP’s system. Temperature results from the field are matched with related information to present meaningful views and reports. Everything from classic temperature graphs and multi-graphs to full-blown Business Intelligence is available. Sorting, grouping, filtering and storing reports allows users to configure their results exactly how they want to see them.

You own your data!

Results are on the Web so can be viewed from anywhere​

Alerts and alarms are tailored to each user

Temperature Plans are applied and stored on line

DataConnect App allows for easy data collection

Display the results with graphs, multi-graphs, and dashboards