TempTRIP links related data to temperature records so the results are meaningful. This is largely done in a “hands-off” manner rather than adding to employee workloads. For instance, with shipments, when a truck arrives at a guard gate, the origin is known and the data is automatically sent to the Cloud. As the shipment moves to other decision points, new temperatures and integrated data are updated on the Cloud.

Temperature Plans

Temperature Plans allow for as many temperature ranges (or “rules”) as needed, along with the maximum time products can be in each range. The result is a single score representing cumulative exposures for a product. Plans can also have multiple parameters (or “groups”) applied simultaneously for different use cases. TempTRIP will consult with your experts to configure, validate and refine your algorithm to your needs, helping prevent both false positive and false negative alerts.


The system collects and integrates the data, then TempTRIP helps you craft the results into actionable reports. This can be done with TempTRIP’s standard reporting tool as well as Business Intelligence widgets for advanced analysis.