TempTRIP combines wireless temperature loggers with flexible data integration to track the condition of your products so you can relax.

Meaningful data

Random data, not linked to anything meaningful, is largely worthless. If your temperature-monitoring system doesn’t link temperature records to related data (e.g., the vendor, carrier, product type, date/time) you’re back to physically interacting with each individual shipment (or relying on the shipper to hand-write information on each logger). TempTRIP has a series of features that help eliminate these outdated practices.

Temperature Plans

Unlike companies that just store data in the Cloud, TempTRIP takes full advantage of Cloud-based systems. Temperature Plans are a good example. Users can store as many Temperature Plans as they like and apply them to shipments as needed. When a temperature logger is read, the temperature results go directly to the Internet where the correct Plan is applied.

Flexible Reporting

TempTRIP features on-line custom reporting. Focus on the results you want by filtering, sorting and grouping data. You can even define your own data fields, collect information,  display it in any order and save reports to run in the future.

Parts & pieces

Temperature Loggers

TempTRIP's latest wireless loggers can be read up to 100 meters, through walls and containers. They can be configured on the fly and are instantly reusable.

Tablets and Edge Readers

TempTRIP’s Bluetooth loggers are read by “Edge” readers connected to the Internet (without local computers). Tablet computers and smart phones are also used to read and view temperature results.

QR Codes

All loggers have QR codes that can be used to associate data to the logger without using apps, or logins.

Data Site

TempTRIP's data site is where all of your data resides for viewing and alerting you about excursions. It facilitates both immediate needs and historic review of information.


Because of the hands-off nature of TempTRIP's wireless loggers, movements and locations of products over time can be traced forward and tracked back to their origin.

And... It's Economical!

Since all loggers are rugged, read/write and reusable, they can be leveraged over and over, keeping overall costs very low.​


Relax. Now You Know. ™